Enterprise Social Network

SharePoint provides users with an option to develop “My Site” and begin the process of social networking across the Enterprise. By utilizing this framework within the SharePoint network, team members of same or different department can collaborate with each other by-

1. Organizing their own information

2. Sharing their knowledge and experiences with other team members

3. Locating individuals with skills required for projects

Enterprise Social Network

The design structure of this site is prescribed mainly for personal use that allow people to access information from “My Profile”, “My Content”, “My Network” and so on. Within this enterprise network users are able to add their interest, skills, location and much more. There is also an interesting feature, which says “Ask Me About” that allows other team members to locate them based on their areas of expertise. Also you can adapt content to each user while enabling administrators to set policy to protect privacy.

Your business demands the use of right tool for collaborating with your customers in real time and real context, therefore we are here to keep everyone in synchronization, helping people connect and share information across teams.

Enterprise Social Network at Velocity-

1) By providing Enterprise Social Networking SharePoint services, our focus is to enable an engaged workforce to make better business decisions and be productive by allowing workforce to stay connected.

2) Our social and collaboration platform aims at connecting people, information and processes in an integrated way.

3) Our services enhance remote working and social collaboration on a level that has never been seen before.

4) We help you develop an effective set of tools depending upon your organization’s needs. Utilizing SharePoint technologies, we provide tools that have an advantage of high user adoption. We are here to bring the power of social networking to your business.

5) Our services encourage people to bind, facilitate exchange between every branch of the company and boost business processes for more productivity.

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