Sharepoint Webpart Development

Web parts are those standard units of information which comprises a title bar, frame and content. With the help of these web parts, you will be able to design personalized user interfaces with drag and drop options.

Sharepoint Webpart Development

In SharePoint Services, Web Parts function to design interface that includes both personalization and customization. The addition, deletion and configuration of Web Parts is of great significance. It allows you to-

Save useful documents in Windows SharePoint Services document library

Creation of a base class for other web parts to extend

Web Parts have an option to access data from other connectable Web Parts

In order to improve SharePoint’s out-of-the-box functionalities, Velocity offers SharePoint Web Part development services. We constantly work to support our clients in designing quality applications using SharePoint as a platform Our highly skilled and experienced SharePoint developers work towards meeting client requirements.

You can get Web Parts custom developed by Velocity for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. Using webparts you can achieve several functionalities, few of the prominent ones have been listed below:

1. Workflow management

2. Reports Management

3. Maintain Documents and Task Lists

4. Streamline Business Processes

5. Enhance Collaboration

The benefits of availing customized Web Part development services can be-

I. Enhancing performance and scalability to allow SharePoint applications run faster and better

II. Creation of custom Web Parts

III. Allow Web Parts to access data from other connected Web Parts by making your web parts connectable

IV. Design a base class for other Web Parts to extend

V. For providing Web Part development services as per the custom needs and desires of our clients, we are in-housed with a great support team that provides prompt reply to our client’s query.

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4. Quality Service at Affordable Rates.

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