Sharepoint Workflow Development

Microsoft SharePoint, being a “one-stop” platform serves a wide variety of purposes as Knowledge Management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Intelligence(BI), Document Management System (DMS), Work Collaboration and many more.

Sharepoint Workflow Development

Other than dealing with Content Management and Document Management, SharePoint is a platform which encourages Business Workflows which increase the productivity of the teams. Workflow development services are based on a set of activities which are executed to manage work in an organized way. SharePoint Workflows can be further customized in order to meet the growing requirements of our clients.

At Velocity, we work closely with our clients to plan and develop workflows which offer actions based on conditions within Lists, Document Libraries etc. Our team, with in depth Knowledge and Expertise about the tools and components of SharePoint workflow designer like-

1. Activity

2. Host Process

3. Workflow Designer

4. Workflow

5. Workflow foundation run time engine

Why Velocity?

Business Processes: Velocity’s has years of experience under its belt to provide consultancy and understand your Business Processes translate them to SharePoint Workflows.

Efficiency and timely Delivery: Our aim at Velocity is to work in fast and efficient manner. Our Project Management processes ensure timely delivery of the requirements with no bugs.

Intelligent Views: Velocity ensures that the workflows can be used to create Intelligent Views which update themselves to give you clear picture of happenings in the system.

Accountability: Velocity takes accountability of the system and makes sure that proper follow-ups and standards are in place to ensure delivery of the system as per the agreed upon terms.

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